Friday, 21 July 2017

Song of The Day - Friday - So Sad

Finally Friday!
It's a super sunny Friday morning! 
Let's hope it carries over to the weekend. 
Blake gets to go to Whitstable on a work away day, I get to go to London and work. That's hardly fair! 

Sadly my  job doesn't do away days because we have to man our scan stations, we are a customer service and cannot just leave them empty.  We'd have to do it on the weekend (in our own time)  and nobody would be up for that. 

This why Blake will be taking me down to Whitstable some point in the summer. I haven't been to the seaside for ages. 

Twice in one week two people that have been part of our lives have been taken from us. George Romero has a bit part of why I love the horror genre so much. I wouldn't be Cloud Zombie with this guy.

 Chester Bennington with Linkin Park was the band that opened the gateway in the world of rock and metal. Meteora was the soundtrack to my later teenage years and is still one of my favourite albums.
I'm incredibly sad to see them both go.
Rest in peace.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Song of The Day - Thursday - Wet Weather Thursday

Happy Thursday!
It's a little wet this morning and cooler, the humidity has disappeared but I wonder how London will be.

I have been writing a whole lot recently and I think I'm just about getting over that hump I was stuck on. Things tend to come to me as I work on other things, that's a weird way of going about it but it works. 
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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cloud Zombie's Bookshelf - 2017 Dystopia Reading Challenge - Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2) By Suzanne Collins (Audiobook)

 Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2) By Suzanne Collins (Audiobook)
The film is great fun but as always with film adaptions, they are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Catching fire sets a new pace in The Hunger Games Trilogy, it knows it formulas and backstories and now it means business! Katniss Everdeen not only has to keep the Capitol off her, she also has to deal with a whole lot more in this second installation.
I like how you get to delve a little deeper into the mind of Katniss and learn exactly what sort of person she really is inside. She is the sort of character to supress a lot of herself deeply inside until she cannot hold it in any longer, this seems to give her the drive she has in this series.

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday Wisdom - 19.07.2017

Check out my article on Emotionally!

Check out my article on Emotionally!

Song of The Day - Wednesday - Flash, Aaaaarh!

Happy Wednesday!
We've made it to Wednesday! 

There was quite an exciting storm last night across Kent and probably the country. I sadly slept through it but I have been watching people's home videos of the storm this morning. Blake didn't wake up shouting "Fucking Hell!" this time around and actually saw a little of the storm happening. It didn't do anything to make it any less humid sadly but hopefully it will rain again tonight or at some point today. 

Last night I got in a little bit of The Sims 4, along with YouTube videos and yummy pink lemonade. I was quite lazy last night. 

Today I have an article debut on Emotionally Fourteen's site which is incredibly exciting, check that out! 
I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity to write for E14!

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Song of The Day - Tuesday - Train Divertions

Happy Tuesday!
Another late blog today, sorry!

I have been far too unmotivated these past few days and just wanted to wanted videos and listen to audiobooks. My train was diverted to London Victoria more than half way through the journey this morning, I was not best pleased about having to take the longer tube journey back to Cannon Street station. They didn't tell the driver about the problems until the last possible minute and boy did it piss people off.

 Tonight I get the house to myself as Blake is off recording The Crazy Train Podcast with Emotionally Fourteen. I greatly look forwards to hearing the next instalment. I want to productive this evening but it's more than likely going to end up with me watching YouTube videos and playing a PC game of some sort. I life during the week is tragically boring because of the time I gat home from London.

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Monday, 17 July 2017

Song of The Day - Monday - RIP George A Romero

RIP George A Romero
I was incredibly sleepy this morning because I didn't get much sleep last night, I was very upset about George Romero's passing and this morning I'm just tired and sad. Sadly I can't take the day off to watch Romero films in his honour, the films will commence at some point this evening or lunchtime.
The morning blog is a lunch time blog today, I was very tired this morning and I didn't want to blog at that time.
I watched Pitch Perfect on the train for like the third time in the last few days, it cheers me up when I am sad. I also don't want to concentrate on the story since I've seen it many times.
So we have found out who the next Doctor is going to be, of course there are more than enough people out there who didn't like the choice for various reasons. I will not go into these reason because I cannot be fucked with the whining that follows.

What I am excited about is the fact that how the Doctor is going to react when he/she realises that they are still not ginger and in a female body. The Doctor has never been a woman before in his lifespan, will she continue to love women or will her orientation change to bisexual or even straight. How exciting!!
13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker

What clothes will the Doctor go for, we all know she has female clothes in the large wardrobe on the Tardis because of all the times he has lent clothes to his female companions. Trousers, Skirt or dress?
In the picture above she looks like she is still wearing the 12th Doctor's clothes.
What if Bill comes back and tries to find him and realises that the Doctor is no longer a man, how do you think Bill would react to this?

I'm too excited about this.

Let's hope Captain Jack doesn't get wind of this because he will most likely try it on.
There are so many new questions now that I can't wait to find the answer to.

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Song of The Day - Friday - Exciting Weekend Ahead!

Happy Friday!
We have finally made it to Friday, well done and congratulations for not losing yourself.

Today's plan of action is to write some articles, try my hardest to find my flow again on my current project because it lost me yesterday and I wasn't sure how to continue and get mu blog a little more organised. 

Last night I had the house to myself, Minecraft was the game of the evening as well as Camp Takota for the film. I always go back to that film because it is comforting and sweet, there's nothing better than comfort watching. 

This weekend is home to the Rochester Castle Proms and I shall be going to them. I am incredibly excited and I am hoping the weather brightens up for tomorrow's events because it's outside. We've all been to an outdoor festival of some kind and rain is never a welcome guest. If you would like to go to the event check out the Medway Council website or search for Rochester Castle Proms and buy the tickets there. You will have to pick them up from Chatham Central Theatre if you do.

Thank you for reading my blog! 
Have a wonderful weekend and an excellent Friday!! 
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Song of The Day - Wednesday - Soggy Feet Day

Happy Wednesday!
It's super soggy outside today, yesterday's super downpour seems to be taking over Wednesday. I am definitely going to have to change my shoes when I get to London. 

Last night I attempted sweet and sour chicken with noodles for dinner and it actually turned out pretty tasty. Since it was super rainy I wanted a something warm and yummy for dinner, there's nothing like comfort food when there's wet weather. 

Yesterday I actually got quite a bit of writing done, I will have to type it up at some point so I don't lose what I have written. Wish me luck with that.
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